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Tied amateur slave Louise whipped mercilessly and tit torments to tears of teen bdsm submissive in fifty shades of pain. Since that day many have moved on but a core group of us have become what is known as the original #Wildside bloggers and we now play a very special roll by sharing our experiences with SeaWorld San Antonio. That November I received an invitation to spend the night, slumber party style, with a group of women that at the time were all strangers. And spend the night we didsleep we did not. We talked, we tweeted, we giggled, we shared stories, and we did eventually attempt to bunk down. The only three things that we needed in life up to that point had brought us together. All that has been provided to me by Sea World San Antonio has been only a gift because they really are that awesome! SeaWorld San Antonio and the wonderful founders of, the Motherhood @CooperMunroe and @EmilyMcKhann to take a walk on the #Wildside! We met armed with only a guest list full of names and twitter handles, and many questions and doubts about how the night would. And yes, as any mom of a two year old can tell you, thats a long time ago. Just like others who deck their houses out in chickens or pictures of cats I am a penguin kind of gal.

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After seeing some of the most wonderful displays of aquatic life and some really sharp teeth on the sharks we continued our after hours SeaWorld tour. But you see, in my defense. As we entered the park it was decided that from that point on we were the #wildside Hotties! Such a treat and she was such a sweet lady. That night we started our after hours tour in the Coral Reef where I made a big hit with my Twitter post wondering if we were having sushi for dinner. So ya, a long time ago.

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Penguins may be adorable but the Penguin Encounter does have a dis-stink-tive odor of fish. However it was really hard to sleep with the overwhelming smell of fish. And since thats what I write about on this little blog then those are the stories your gonna hear. And then we fed them their breakfasts while they flipped upside down for us to pet their soft bellies. But, if after reading all this and that fifty shades of grey vertrag sex date kassel you feel like you would like me to get paid to write for you and/or your companylets talk. So stay tuned, this was only part 1! Shamu making faces with Debi Pfitzenmaier otherwise known as Momonmars from. So to spend the night that close to all the lovable little gentlemen was the treat of treats and I can honestly say I can die happy because. We also shared our breakfast with a rambunctious group of boy scouts who apparently were in the park over night like we were. Good morning to you too! All of us bleary eyed and in a mostly zombie state were lead to our salvation of breakfast and coffee! And then we started talkingand laughingand finding in each other many, many things in common. (Photo taken and shared by the lovely Emily from The Motherhood.). I want to take you all back to a little adventure that I was blessed with way, way, way back in November of 2009. The only thing we all had in common was that we were moms and for some reason we caught the attention. Just pay for a day and enjoy the park all season long! When I say I love penguins it is not a joke. And let me tell you, those guys are hungry, in the morning! I do not work for Sea World. She was taking aim. If you have any other questions about this please feel free to ask me or simply read my disclosure policy. Bet they didnt sleep either. I havwo year OLD! Im not sure who was more excited.